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market price forex indicator

Forex Indicators are called to make our life easier. Using them we do not have to think and rack our brains over entering the FX market in order to avoid loss of the current capital and increase Forex profit by many times...

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MarketPrice Forex Indicator

market price forex indicator

Indicators are called to make our life easier.

Using them we do not have to think and rack our brains over entering the market in order to avoid loss of the current capital and increase profit by many times. It is not a secret that not only beginners but also professionals use indicators.

The MarketPrice indicator does not predict anything but it is very useful. Its main purpose is to represent a bid price by our trade tool. As a rule, if nothing changes, the indicator will be displayed in the left bottom corner. Its print will be increased slightly.

The MarketPrice indicator changes the color when the last rate has been changed. For example, if the price goes up, it is displayed as green, and if it goes down, it is red. Of course, these settings can be changed but the point will be the same.

This indicator is very useful as the price is displayed by small print in any window of the trade terminal and it is unpleasantly to look at it for the entire day.
You can customize almost everything. Let us suppose, if you want to change the location of the indicator, you need to use settings, more specifically – WhatCorner point. Counting starts from zero in the settings – the upper left corner. Then the corners go clockwise.
The standard print of the indicator is Comic Sans MS. In order to change it into more convenient Tahoma which is considered as standard for almost all trade terminals it is necessary to change FontType. Take into account that having changed the print here you will have to change it every time you log in the program. It is necessary to make changes in the indicator code in order to avoid this.

Also due to the indicator the analysis of the trade pair chosen in all time frames is available.

Here are the settings:

1. TF – time frame
2. TR – direction of the trend
3. SR – strength of the trend. It is built on the basis of CCI, RSI and Stochastic
4. CC – the current candle signal
5. BS – signal for buying or selling. It is built on the basis of the moving average.

The indicator can be downloaded here.

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