The DELTA Phenomenon

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      The Delta Phenomenon


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Welles Wilder

About Welles Welles Wilder graduated from North Carolina State University in 1962 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He first pursued an engineering career, then entered the real estate market, then moved on so that he could devote his full-time efforts to the research and development of technical futures trading systems and methods. In 1983 Welles met a man named Jim Sloman who had made an amazing discovery—the Delta Phenomenon. Delta reveals that there is a perfect order in all freely traded markets. Welles researched and perfected the Delta secret with Jim for two years and then founded the Delta Society International with 72 other directors. These original members collectively paid $2.52 million to join the society and were entrusted with the closely guarded secret of the Delta Phenomenon. Now after 20 years of time-tested history, you can gain access to the Delta Phenomenon and uncover the order in almost all markets…


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Welles Wilder will teach you the secrets of the DELTA Phenomenon . Discover how to profit from the perfect hidden order in all markets.

Welles Wilder will show you everything you need to know to profit from the DELTA secret. Welles will teach you that all markets are predictable, not just the next intermediate swing, or major swing, but all future major and intermediate swings, using the DELTA secret. From the DELTA Phenomenon: The Hidden Order In All Markets course you'll clearly understand the "hidden order of the markets". Through techniques available only to members of the DELTA society, you will become a member of the exclusive group who know how to use "The Trend Change Index", "Delta Plus", and "The Adam Trading System" to accurately predict the markets. You'll discover how to calculate a "DELTA solution" which will chart your clear path to profits in ANY market.

The Delta Phenomenon
Welles Wilder will teach you the secrets of the DELTA Phenomenon. Discover how to profit from the perfect hidden order in all markets.

“A few days ago, I received The Delta Phenomenon. Its reading has been a shock for me. It was so exciting that I could not leave the book before the last page….Now I understand the behavior of the markets.”
— E.N. "Just a note to let you know how thrilled I am with Delta. I paper traded for several months, then returned to the USA and actively traded since August. I am up about $35,000 (over 100%) since then. Thanks for everything."
— D.K. “As a full-time trader, I am always interested in any new ideas that will increase my bottom line. The methodology is unique and the timing is so uncanny it's scary. Thanks for making such excellent material available to the public.”
— L.R.

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