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Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition L. Pesavento

How to stock market analysis. Best stock market tips. stock market trend analysis.



Larry Pesavento


Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition


Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading




Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition

Customer Reviews

So wonderfully, interesting practical , June 27, 2007

By J. Schmidt (Colorado)

This is the best book on trading I have read in a long time. Great practical application for my 4X and option trading. Easy to understand format and content. Excellent book that every trader should own.

Good , September 12, 2003 Reviewer: A reader
I've read Profitable Patterns and his Diary so far, and would have to say this book is clearly the best of the three. Sadly though, one would have a tough time discerning the difference between the three books .. since they all present the same ideas and the titles of the books could be changed without anyone noticing. Typical Pesavento Gartley, Fib, Cycle stuff.. if this is a set up you use, then this would be worth reading.

Best Fibonacci Book , March 9, 2003 Reviewer: A reader
This is some of the best work on Fibonacci I've seen. It is very advanced but if you expend the effort to learn it the patterns are profitable. For example, I use the Gartley "222" Pattern and the Shapiro Iteration regularly. There are many example charts to graphically explain the patterns. Highly Recommended

This is Pesavento's best work , September 10, 2001

By scotte (Nowhere, NoState, USA)

It is elegant, simple, and yet fully informative. Pesavento is the guy who originally taught Joe DiNapoli, although DiNapoli's software and ideas are probably better for short-term traders. But this books is a great starting place.


Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading



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