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Profitable Forex strategies. Secret FX technique to increase profits from trading on Forex. I only use this forex MA indicator and earn about $2,227/ mnth! With such indicator to even a forex novice can work!

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Forex Strategy Channel

Forex Strategy Channel is for those who do not have much free time to trade with forex market because trade will be on the daily period. Despite the fact that transactions in this fx strategy are not done often, and this approach is recommended for forex beginners to try their hand without leaving the main place of work, the deposit needed for this system is not small. If you trade in a minimum lot 0.01, then you will have to open an forex account with $1,000, as you will need to outstay some drawdowns, and during the daily period, these drawdowns can reach several hundred points for the pair EUR / USD, for example. If you do not have such amount of money, it is possible to open a cent account for 1000 cents, which is equivalent to $10, therefore, there is little or no risk at all! Then you will understand why there is such a deposit.

Forex strategy Chanel

For trade, we need:

Forex Indicator MA Chanels, with the options that you will have to choose depending on the currency pair and volatility. The options of indicator MA Chanels should be chosen in the way that the greatest movements in the chart go beyond the borders of the channel, i.e., beyond the red lines, in the image below an example can be seen. It is desirable that the option MAPeriod will be as big as possible, but not more than 200, and when the option BarsCount will be changed and the width of the channel will be changed as well, , and you will need to adjust the width of the channel.

Terms of trade forex strategy:

Transactions are conducted only on the rebound from the red lines of the channel, and the opposite red border is always the goal; If, after touching, for example the lower limit, the price goes down further, but at the first touch of the border you entered the purchase, on the next touch/touches we can add to the first position; If you placed an order for the purchase, and the price has gone beyond the red border, you can buy directly from the market, it will be a better entry price than if you buy directly on the line of the channel;

Stop - loss is not installed;

When the price goes to the nearest green border, it is desirable to set the stop to breakeven, or even shut down part of the position; if you open a considerable amount, you can close it part by part between the green channel’s borders, and keep a small part to the last, the main thing is that the stop remains to breakeven; When we reach the opposite border of the channel, we will turn position, or open a new one.

As you can see, the strategy is quite versatile and can be used on any forex currency pair and any time frame period, if it is possible to constantly monitor the schedule.

Only if You really think about profitable forex methods!

ATTENTION: This offer included BONUS - "Fx Indicator MA Chanels"

Indicator MA Chanels

Profitable Forex indicators. Secret technique to increase profits from trading on Forex. I only use this indicator and earn about $ 2,227 / month! With such indicator to even a novice can work!


MA Chanels indicator is a dynamic channel, consisting of "moving average" lines, which are spaced apart by a certain amount. This channel consists of 8 lines, but in fact it is 8 copies of the same line of the indicator Moving Average. A center line is not visible in this indicator, but if you take the Moving Average indicator of a standard set of indicators and put on the same schedule with the same period, the line will be exactly in the middle of the indicator MA Chanels, and its fluctuations will repeat the lines of the established channel. Distances from the center, invisible line, are calculated in Fibonacci coefficients, namely:

red = 0,618; orange = 0,5; yellow = 0,382; green = 0,236.

By default, the green line on the screenshot has white color and hence it is an indicator MA Chanels on the chart with a white background, this line will not be visible, you will need to change the color settings of the indicator manually.

Options of Indicator:

BarsCount - the number of bars for calculating, beginning from the end of the chart; MAPeriod – period of the "moving average".

It is worth noting that when the parameter BarsCount is increased, visual distance between the lines of the channel is increased as well, so this option should be adjusted to the current market volatility.

The use in trade business:

Dynamic view of trade channel is a very useful thing for manual trading as such a channel not only takes into account the direction of the trend, but also points to the current volatility of the market, allowing you to avoid a lot of negative transactions. A practical example of the application of this indicator in the trade can be found in the article Forex Strategy Channel. Moreover, the most common method of trading in the channel, it is, of course, trading on its borders, and in our case, on each side of the 4th border and from each of them it is possible to trade according to the current volatility in the market. Rational way to trade from the same borders, that is, if you entered into a purchase from the lower border of yellow color, then you would go out on the top border of the same color. Or you can go out often in the range between the green frame of the channel, because the price sooner or later returns to its mean value and a chance to get at least breakeven is very high.

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