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In this, the first of a series of columns, we will introduce to the community of technical analysts a new approach to charting the price history of a stock or commodity. I call this technique the MIDAS method, an acronym for Market Interpretation/Data Analysis System.

It is designed to focus attention on the dynamic interplay of support/resistance and accumulation/distribution which are the ultimate determinants of price behavior. Indeed, a Midas chart makes immediately visually apparent an unexpected degree of orderliness in what might otherwise seem to be a random or chaotic process.


Take a look at the first of the figures. Here we have a standard price and volume bar chart for Magma Copper as of the April 19, 1995 close. I do not believe any of the familiar charting methods would contribute anything of value to the interpretation of this chart.

There are no clearly evident trend channels, trendlines, support or resistance lines, etc. Indeed, after the initial runup from 9 to 17, the subsequent sideways pattern appears to be random and trendless.


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