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has been named the Dynamic Trading eBook of the Year by the 1999 Supertraders Almanac. If you don't have this ebook, you don't have the best trading educational material available. It is basics of stock market investing. learning about the stock market

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by Robert C. Miner 580 pages, 8.5" x 11" hard cover
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"If you buy only one book on trading this year, Dynamic Trading should be it."

Walter Bressert, author of Trading Cycles and Oscillators


"Dynamic Trading is a show me how to do it ebook that will be studied, enjoyed, re-read and appreciated by both the expert and novice market technician. This material will stand the test of time. Dynamic Trading is one of the great contributions to market literature."

Larry Pesavento, 30 Year Trading Veteran and Author of Seven Trading Books

  In Robert Miner's new ebook, Dynamic Trading, you will:
  • Learn Dynamic Price Projection techniques and how to project well in advance the specific price zones for support, resistance and trend termination.

  • Learn Dynamic Time Projection techniques including Projected Turning Point Periods, Time Rhythm Zone and Trend Vibration projections which allow you to project days and weeks in advance the specific time zones for trend reversal.

  • Learn Elliott Wave Made Practical. Quickly determine if a market is in a trend or counter-trend position.

  • Learn low-risk and low-capital exposure trade entry strategies including trend-reversal and trend-continuation entry and stop-loss techniques.

  • Learn how to develop and stick to a trading plan.

  • Learn how to maintain a structured, patient and disciplined approach to technical analysis and trading strategies.

  • Learn a Consistency of Approach to trading.

  • Learn how to Trade Market Behavior, Not Market Forecasts

"I really wish I had Dynamic Trading when I got started. It would have saved me a lot of money and taught me good trading habits from the beginning."

Frank Strawn, trader


"My 18 year old son who knew nothing about trading saw your new ebook Dynamic Trading and began reading it. Within three weeks he was asking me if he could start trading. I have him paper trading. Out of five trades, three have profits averaging $700 per trade in cattle and grains. The two losses averaged $300 per trade. Not bad for a kid who got curious, is it"?

Don Holtzinger, trader

  Dynamic Trading will change your approach to technical analysis and trading strategies!


Dynamic Trading does not just supply a hodge podge of techniques with a few "well chosen examples." Dynamic Trading is a comprehensive manual with a step-by-step approach to teaching the reader all aspects of the practical Dynamic Trading approach including trading strategies to enter a market, stop loss placement and adjustment and profit taking objectives.



"Dynamic Trading is the only book a trader will ever need. Having studied a lot of overpriced texts, it takes a lot to get me excited. Dynamic Trading did just that."

Andy Pancholi, trader


"With Dynamic Trading you have done an amazing job of making the complex simple and yet keeping your trademark comprehensiveness in your approach to trading. Your approach is not only complete but practical for new and experienced traders."

Bill Williams, author Trading Chaos


"I have just finished Dynamic Trading. I think you have completed a brilliant piece of work. It teaches in a logical manner exactly how to approach analysis and, more importantly, how to actually trade the markets."

Steve Griffiths, trader, Briston

Dynamic Trading™
by Robert C. Miner  

580 pages, 8.5" x 11" hard cover
Hurry while supplies last!




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