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Fractal Finance 2.0 is designed to work with Meta stock

The user of Fractal Finance is able to start how to invest in the stock market how to invest in the. Stock market trading alerts, the ambiguity of the trading experience is eliminated with Fractal Finance.


Welcome to Fractal Finance 2.0!

Fractal Finance 2.0 is designed to work with Metastock version 7.03. Please read the README file for instructions on how to install it on your system. For instructions on using “Experts” in Metastock, please see the Metastock help files and/or manual.

Fractal Finance is easy to operate and read. For an accurate analysis, Fractal Finance requires a minimum of 40 periods loaded into your chart. Once the expert is attached to a chart, several indicators will appear. On the bottom of the chart is a composite indicator

of two fractal indicators. One fractal indicator is designed to spot new trends while the other monitors fractals in the current trend or trading range. The current condition of the market is expressed by the color of the bar at the bottom of the chart. The color green is bullish, blue is neutral and red is bearish.

The price plot

stock indicators

is one of three colors and signifies the current motion of the stock market. A green bar is bullish, blue is neutral and red is bearish.

Above each price plot is an indicator for a special MACD that is designed to work in conjunction with the fractal data. The MACD has only two directions and is either bullish or bearish. Again, green is bullish and red is bearish. The indicator for the MACD appears as a colored dot.

In addition to the above indicators, Fractal Finance also uses eight alerts. When the MACD and the fractals are in the same direction, a buy or sell alert is produced.

stock trading

When all three indicators are in the same direction, a strong buy or sell alert is produced. As a rule of thumb, it is not recommended that you respond to the fractal signal if it contradicts the MACD. Conditions of this nature are often best for observation. In addition to these four alerts, others are given when the trader should be neutral or when a new trend is forming.

The commentary section has several pieces of information. The top part is open, high, low, close and volume data. The next section verbalizes the chart signals and also includes both fractal indicators separately and combined. Below the indicators is a composite number that summarizes all of the program indicators numerically on a scale of 4 to –4. The number 4 is strongly bullish while –4 is strongly bearish. Any numbers between the two are variations of either effect. This is useful for knowing when a trade may be reversing. As an example, a person may execute a trade if the fractal interim indicator is bullish and the composite is 2. In a choppy market this may suggest a breakout to the upside.

Another commentary indicator is a bullish and bearish stop-loss. The trading system is designed to use a stop-loss and this should not be ignored. The stop-loss number changes per price plot, so it should be placed at the time of the trade. Both the bullish and bearish stop-loss numbers are shown at all times. These are both displayed for traders that wish to track potential breakouts in the other direction.

The last commentary indicator is a trend detector that informs the trader of a potential new or ending trend. This is clearly displayed at the bottom of the commentary.

The final feature of Fractal Finance is the Explorer capability. Simply click on Fractal Finance in the Explorer list of explorations and click Explore. Fractal Finance will create a report for your stock list and indicate with a number 1 or 0 whether or not a buy or sell alert has been triggered. The alerts include buy, strong buy, sell, strong sell and trend indicator. If the trader finds a security with the desired alerts, a simple click on open chart will bring the selected security up with all of the Fractal Finance features. IMPORTANT NOTE: the options menu in explorer allows the user to adjust the number of data records explored. We recommend 100 data records.

Fractal Finance was created with simplicity in mind. The user of Fractal Finance is able to start trading immediately after installation and with the least amount of effort. Because of exact buy and sell alerts, the ambiguity of the trading experience is eliminated with Fractal Finance.



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