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Dear Friend: It is simply amazing how much money people are making on ebay business isn't it? After all ebay is the #1 On Line ebay Auction site there is pulling in Millions upon Millions of hits a day!.. how to sell on ebay

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Dear Friend:

It is simply amazing how much money people are making on ebay isn't it?

After all ebay is the #1 On Line Auction site there is pulling in Millions upon Millions of hits a day!

Although my feedback nor my name doesn't exactly prove anything to you I actually have been on ebay since 1999 with a feedback of well over 3,000.

I sold my business on ebay last year for $45k and on top of that my Ebay ID and Feedback went with the deal. I cannot put my old ebay id up here because it ends with a .com and ebay doesn't allow that so what I have done is explained in my digital download exactly who I used to be and how I got over 3,000 feedbacks in really an amazing short time (less than a year). And everyone knows that feedback is the Back Bone to any business on ebay!

My point is this I was able to sell my business for that high of an amount because of EBAY!  I even used ebay to start my online business once I learned one of the MANY little secrets sellers use my business profits doubled!

I'm not talking sales on ebay either I am talking my Professional Website Business. I used ebay to expose my Business I was running online. I started with absolutely no visitors to 100's of visitors a day within 3 days!

You will be told exactly what I did to increase my sales using little old ebay to help me out. A No Brainer!

That's exactly the point of this download!

There are so many things that slip right by you when you are viewing an auction that you neglect to pay attention to what people are actually doing here to make so much money. Simple things.

Sell Wholesale Goods & WebSites on Ebay is a digital download that exploits easy tricks or leads that Ebay Sellers use to make money on ebay.

Sure you are here to bid but many of you are overwhelmed with the amount of money other ebay sellers are making and would like to get a piece of the pie.

The First Thing You Will Learn

I am sure that you have seen the wholesale books floating around well this isn't one of them. I am not about to feed you with the same ebook that has been around since 2000. A 3 year old ebook filled with outdated information isn't going to help you much.

But don't fret.. for those of you who need some Real Wholesalers what I did was just put the main Wholesalers that Ebay Sellers use and there are only 3 of them! That's all you need.

I also will tell you where these sellers are going to get fresh wholesale leads on a daily basis. If you are on the up and up you will be the first to access the NEW PRODUCTS and sell them first! Get The Advantage! You will have free access to thousands of wholesalers waiting to take your orders. And NO you do not have to pay to use these wholesalers either.

You can have access to over 100,000 Wholesale Products for FREE on a daily basis. That most certainly beats out those outdated wholesale books doesn't it? And on top of that receive the TOP 3 wholesalers ebay sellers use!

The Second Thing You Will Learn

You've seen sellers making a killing by reselling websites. If not you have to take a look in the Business & Industrial/Businesses For Sale/WebSites section on ebay. There are sellers who keep on selling the same thing over and over and over again and are making over $2k a week doing it.

I am going to show you exactly where they are getting their scripts from to be able to sell off these websites. In fact, I've included many scripts with your download as well for FREE!

People who are purchasing websites on ebay want anything that has to do with their visitors being able to opt in their email address and sign up. That gives the person who owns the site the ability to email them at any time with future products they may have to offer.

They want memberships, message boards, forums, auctions and more!

The more loaded the website the better chances it has of selling for a higher price.

You are going to be given all their secret companies that they go to get their scripts from. You will then have the ability to generate your own websites and resell them on ebay just like they are doing.

This information is priceless!

There are so many people who want to start online businesses but do not have the knowledge of HTML nor uploading scripts well basically the ability to do anything. So they want someone who has established a website and they'll pay you to take it over.

I'll show you where you can get the same scripts ebay sellers are using PLUS more that they don't even know about yet!

Even if you have never uploaded a script in your life I guarantee this will be so easy for you to do! All scripts come with step by step instructions do not be intimidated. Simple Stuff that will make your website look like a Power House!

This section will have you running your own Pay Per Click Search Engine, Classified Ad Site, Forums and even a Free For All Site.

Most sellers combine these scripts that we have below for you to put one heck of a website together! For the first 3 scripts you will be shown where to go to get them the rest are included with this incredible download!

Pay Per Click Search Engine Scripts

Forum Scripts (INCLUDED!)

Mailing List Scripts (INCLUDED!)

SafeList Script (INCLUDED!)

Pop Up Scripts (INCLUDED!)

Free Link Scripts (INCLUDED!)

The Third Thing You Will Learn

As I mentioned above you can literally expose your new or existing internet business on ebay by doing a few simple things! Imagine advertising on ebay for free on a daily basis? It Can Be done and I'm going to show you how you can do this in less than 5 minutes!

The Fourth Thing You Will Learn

I really cannot tell you all of it without giving it away but I am going to show you how you can accumulate thousands of people to join your new website. Whether it be a Pay Per Click Search Engine or Membership site this trick will show you exactly how you can get hundreds to thousands of NEW Members on a weekly basis! And Guess What? You will use ebay to do it! Hundreds of sellers are using this same trick right now and it works! It pulls in members, you pull in members you got one heck of a business starting!

The Fifth Thing You Will Learn

I am going to show you a neat little trick that can boost your online sales 10 fold by simply adding a little pop up ad! For example you are offering a pay membership site and the person doesn't join it so he leaves your site. The trick you are going to learn is how to get that person to sign up even if he didn't want to in the first place. A little pop up sales ad that can increase your sales! Companies using this secret formula have increased their sales 80% by adding this simple script to their website!


  • You will be given everything that I know that ebay sellers use to Boost their Online Sales!

  •  Scripts to start websites for your own personal use or to sell off on ebay!

  • You'll be shown a neat little trick to advertise your site on a daily basis compliments of ebay!

  • And So Much More!

All of this for only $9.95!


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