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NEED Honest forex trading system!?

Look at these mechanical trading systems forex

Forex trading can be classified among the most risk investments that exist, the most profitable and the most unpredictable.

The above is the very reason why the term ‘Holy Grail' is considered a myth as most forex traders believe the forex system of trading forex without Heavy risk, Fear and Anxiety does not exist due to failures experienced while trying loads of methods in times past.

I believe DIFFICULT is a relative term, IMPOSSIBLE does not exist and FAILURE is never a failure until you decide not to try again.

By the time you're through with this report, let's see whether you'll agree with me that;


-  A Holy Grail Exists

-  The Holy Grail Has Been Found

-  The Holy Grail is not even one System, there are different approaches to it

-  (This may sound funny) the discovery of the Holy Grail may be through a ‘child' not a ‘forex professional'.

Before reading any further please know that this forex trading system requires discipline, and faith. Never close a position before the target is reached.

And keep in tune with God Almighty, He is the one that revealed the system to me, the master minder of all secrets.


This Manual is dedicated to God Almighty, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ the son of God.



The forex moves in trends, the trend can be bullish (upward), bearish (downward) or Horizontal (sideways).

The approach of this trading system does not care which direction the price wants to move, it is more concerned about making a minimum of 40 pips per day from the forex trading.

When using this forex system the concept is; your success is not in the number of forex pips you make but in the volume you entered in.

Other attachments that come with this manual are;

1. Continuous automatic pivot calculator (Which works on metatrader platforms only).

2. An average forex daily range calculator, Average weekly range calculator and Average monthly range calculator (Also works on metatrader platforms only).

For the range forex calculators, I have already done my research to discover the pairs this trading system work with. (you may use it to research more on your own).

The currency forex pairs this system work with are;





Fig. 1 A Metatrader Platform Screenshot

mechanical trading systems forex

The Above is an EUR/USD 4hours Chart on metatrader platform Nov/Dec 2008.



Pick the vertical line from the tool bar and demarcate the previous day from the present day make sure the line shows the present day's first candlestick at 00:00 Hours.

Pick the horizontal line from the tool bar and divide the first candle of the present day into two. Call this line; line X

Count 40pips above line X and draw another horizontal line exactly 40 pips above line X and call this line; line X1.

Count another 40 pips above line X1 and draw your horizontal line X2 exactly 40pips above line X1.

Count 40pips below line X and draw a horizontal line exactly 40 pips below line X, call this line; line X3.

Count another 40 pips below line X3 and draw a horizontal line exactly 40pips below line X3.

Your forexChart should look like this;

mini forex trading system


Line X is the starting point, allow price to dance between line X1 and X3 until it picks its direction for the day.

Set your buy stop on line X1's price value, your take profit must be at line X2, stop loss must be at line X4.

Set your sell stop on line X3's price value, your take profit must be at line X4, stop loss must be at line X2.


- Price could trigger your buy order and hit your take profit of 40 pips.

-  Price could trigger your sell order and hit your take profit of 40 pips.

-  Price could trigger both your buy order and your sell order, hit both take profit zones, giving you a profit of 80 pips.

-  Price could hit your buy order and not reach your take profit, come back downwards 80 pips to hit your sell order and give you a loss of 80 pips.

- Price could hit your sell order and not reach your take profit, come back upwards 80 pips to hit your buy order and give you a loss of 80 pips.

Instance 4 and 5 happens around thrice a month in the currency pairs this system works with.

To reduce the number of Instance 4 and 5 in a month, repeat the pending orders explained above immediately you take your first profit for the day making the triggered take profit your next starting point. That is your line X.

With this system, you can catch 40 pips out of every 81pips price movement no matter the direction it goes. But let's just say 90pips to be on the safe side, 90 pips was the criteria I used when doing my research, price can have up trends for three months, moving thousands of pips upwards or downwards.

Once the direction has started these pairs find it difficult moving 80 pips in the opposite direction in the same day.

Consequently, if the price moves 1000pips upward or downwards in a month, you'll have the chance of catching almost 500 pips during such a month.

If you will use this system you need to rule out greed. Below is the blue print for entering positions when using this system;

The Forex broker Account below starts with 400USD and after 15 Trades became 4,440USD. Please stick to the rules of this forex system. Don't be too much in a hurry.

Trade 400USD

1. 80USD (0.2) LOTS

2. 80USD (0.2) LOTS

3. 80USD (0.2) LOTS

4. 120USD (0.3) LOTS

5. 120USD (0.3) LOTS


1. 160USD (0.4) LOTS

2. 160USD (0.4) LOTS

3. 200USD (0.5) LOTS

4. 240USD (0.6) LOTS

5. 280USD (0.7) LOTS


1. 360USD (0.9) LOTS

2. 400USD (1.0) LOTS

3. 480USD (1.2) LOTS

4. 600USD (1.5) LOTS

5. 680USD (1.7) LOTS



You are expected to use half of your buying power in setting both trades. This enables you to enter a hedge when instance 4 and 5 above occurs.

Never wait for price to cut X1 or X3 and use all your buying power .

The above blue print does not guarantee that you'll win 15 Trades consecutively; it is a guide to help you when entering positions.

In the instance that you decided to follow price by setting another trade, making your first take profit of the day your point X then repeating the procedure, such trades usually last till the following day.

What I do

I reset the trades the following day by determining my first candle for the present day, delete the inactive pending orders of yesterday and take my profit from the present running trade as set yesterday.

Shift the stop loss of yesterday's trade to be the same as today's pending order counterpart.

Instances where you see a reversal pattern you can close yesterday's trade immediately.

If it is a continuation pattern, that's double profits for you today

If you don't understand how to read charts, then just leave it set along with today's trade.

I started trading Forex in year 2007, The material above is not a product of years of experience but an inspiration from God.


You have a choice, to keep sending me emails for more information and secrets or to connect to the source of my secret, JESUS . The choice is yours.

Please mail me after using this honest forex trading system. Did it really worth $1000 USD after all? Did you see results amounting more than its cost?

I'll be glad to hear from you.

online forex forex trading system forex book



You'll need to load the continuous forex auto pivot calculator on your metatrader platform to use this system.


Copy the pivot calculator and paste it inside C:Program filesMetatrader Northfinanceexpertsindicators

To load the pivots on your chart click on the indicator button and choose custom, then select Pivots Daily_SR_AIMefx.

Repeat a similar process for the Average Daily Range Calculator

Your forex Chart should look like the picture below.

online forex trading system

The blue lines are the support lines, the red lines are the resistant lines.


Set a pending order between the support and resistant lines allowing a 15 Pips gap from the lines. Buy at the upper parts (When resistance is broken)

and sell at the lower parts (When support is broken) there's a secret about setting these straddles It's like setting a trap for the price.

This could be the worst way to trade if you don't know the secret behind it.

Another choice is to use instant executions (Market Orders) while trading support and resistance. I don't recommend that, Metatraders have a nasty habit of asking you to re-quote your entry price.

Please use the auto pivot on USD/JPY, a very consistent bouncer.

I believe the most reliable indicator ever is PIVOT POINTS if you have any other please tell me. It can enhance the system in a great way.


On hourly charts, the gap between support and resistant lines ranges between 40 pips to 120 pips. I recommend hourly charts and 15 minutes charts.

You are to pick 25 pips after every 15 pips movement away from the lines. Set your pending orders on the condition that a support or resistant line is about to be broken.

Price may or may not break the lines, which means a break or a bounce.

What you're expected to do .

When price touches the lines (Which may be a support line or resistant line), place your straddle from the line with 15pips gap before buy is executed, 15pips gap before sell is executed.

Your stop loss should be 10 pips above the resistant line when you place your sell order, 10pips below the support line when you place your buy order, this makes a total of 25pips stop loss.

Your take profit should be 25pips after your entry point.

You will certainly not win all the trades!

Your risk to reward ratio on each trade is 1:1 or let's say 50/50.

But you have a possibility of losing one out of every three trades.

-  Straddle means setting a buy pending order above current price action and setting a sell pending order below current price action.

-  Pending orders are orders you set on your platform, they don't execute until the price you state is reached.

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