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Intraday forex system: Trade pairs EURJPY, GBPJPY, CHFJPY, USDJPY. Time frame (TF): M5 or M15. Earn profit with tested metatrader forex software.

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Atlantic-Wind Forex trade system

  I bring to your attention a forex trade system for intraday trading in the forex market. I have created this system in 2009 and it has shown excellent results both on a demo, and on real own accounts at various forex brokers.

What is the philosophy of the forex system?

Every day the majority of us wakes up with rays of light of our Great star – the Sun. Due to rotation of our planet the Earth, solar beams move from the East to the West. Huge weights of air begin its travel above a water smooth of great oceans, lifting waves by crests. Thousand courageous conquerors of waves want to subdue the elements, having caught the beginning of the wave and feeling triumph on its crest.

And now we shall compare the world of the nature with our world of people. Movement of the sun on the West is the beginning of work of the European session forex ( London , 10:00, MSK) and the ending of the American one ( New York , 24:00, MSK). So it is historically established , that these two world business centers are on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean .

Constantly restless and storming ocean is a n equity market and forex currencies. Waves are price range. Huge waves are trend price development . Surfers are traders who try to catch a beginning trend and before its crest to get a good forex profit.

Why I am for the trade only during the trend

If you read at least one of classical works about forex, the phrase – Trend is your Friend – should pay your attention . And it true. 99 % of the successful forex traders work only on a trend, as it is the greatest profit in it. Flat or the standing forex market is a swamp in which different ugly creatures are found, the meeting with which discourages beginn forex traders from work with the forex market. It is losses, deposit discharge , Margin Coll , uncle МС, etc.

I give 3 rules not for those who have come on forex only for the entertainment and to get 1 million and then have fun with girls on some villa, but for those who want to get stable % to initial deposit. non-compliance with the rules will lead to deposit discharge and complains that my forex trade system is unprofitable.

1) to trade exclusively on a trend

2) to adhere to rules of capital management (money management, MM) – lot should be chosen no more than 2 % from depot and should close the loss which will exceed these of 2 %

3) to adhere to the rules of my TC strictly – there is no unnecessary letter in it – I c hecked each rule personally in practice .

So let us consider TC AtlanticWind

First of all I shall mark, that it is forex system for manual trade, as mine (and a lot of successful forex traders) deep belief that the beginning trader can learn to work with the forex market only from manual fx methods of trade, studying the regularity of behaviour of the market and forex methods of getting the profit.

The Forex system is based on the forex indicators:

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CandleTime is time which has remained before the formation of a new candle, it corresponds to the chosen TF. Why is it important? The new candle is an important signal – trend is continuing or there will be its turn. It will be mentioned further.

Shi_silvertrendsigalert_alert-signal draws circles for us.

Blue – bullish trend – buy

Red – bearish trend – sell

HeikenAshi – trend's candles (do not confuse with candle prices):

Blue – there are a lot of bulls in trend

Red - there are a lot of bears

Instant Trendline Filter – 2 green lines – trend confirmation – it will be later about them

Status monitor – everything is clear here – spread, shoulder, the cost of 1 lot

Goldminer – is indicator informing us about trend – sometimes it draws again, so use it as the addition to the base indicators.

Trade forex pairs (I prefer work on them) EURJPY, GBPJPY, CHFJPY, USDJPY

Time frame (TF) M5 or M15 (it is up to everyone, the size of the profit is equal)

Mini FAQ

Q. Why trade pairs are with equal currency in the tail (in this case the Japanese yen)?

A. Because there is a pink elephant outside J Look attentively at the combined graphics of the pairs above. As we can see all trend are coinciding. It gives us a big plus in the trade on 4 forex pairs at the same time.

P.S. And here is one little secret: the trend on the different pairs has different speed, and sometimes is behind the schedule. That is why if there is trend turn, it would happen later in 99% and on other 3 we can leave trend in time and go in the other on the crest J





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