MAX-i-Pips - REAL time forex trading System

real time forex trading system

MAX-i-Pips! real time forex trading system plus simple forex strategy. Complete set includes: installation + recommendation + assembly of forex indicators according to which the realtime works + .tpl file (template) - Metatrader4

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MAX-i-Pips - real time forex trading system - Double your Depo

We often use it and it helps to increase depot at the right usage. Besides you do not need to calculate something, everything is accessible and clear.

Complete set includes: installation + recommendation + assembly of forex indicators according to which the realtime system works + .tpl file (template).


Forex Strategy description:


Timeframes: from M5 to H1 (it is desirable)

The way we trade:

Forex Currency pair: EUR/USD;GBP/USD;AUD/USD;USD/JPY.

Timeframes: M5, M15

Time trade: from 10:00 MSC to 15:00 MSC; from 20:00 MSC to 10:00 MSC (at the chaotic period of the forex market)

We open and close only after the candle close, that is after the signal formation!

Entrance: main BrainTrend indicators (1 and 2) indicate one direction on the previous candle before the entrance candle, for example buy (the signals may form at the same time or, for example, when BrainTrend1 points on buy and signal on buy from BrainTrend2 comes later. Only when two indicators confirmed the direction, for example on buy, we should be ready to entrance.

We look at the confirmation of the Lutor forex indicator, green – buying, red – sale.

Look at the confirmation of the forex multi indicators (for example, for our timeframe M15, you can also pay attention on the other timeframes) FerruFx_Multi_info+_v1.2 и FerruFx_Multi_info. Good time for the entrance is (if we consider buying) when UP value forex signals are more than DOWN signals.

If there is favorable outcome, put (for example buying) order e.g.0.1 on 5-10-15 points. It may also be closed after the formation of signals in reverse side – e.g. both BrainTrend forex indicators will point on selling – it is simple trade, not pips. (it depends on your feelings). There is no stop loss. If the forex market went back, and main indicators did not change its indications, don't worry, we should wait for direction to our side. If the market went back and main indicators changed its indications, we should close unprofitable deal and wait for new confirmative signals (it is important that BrainTrend (1 and 2) forex indicators have shown the same direction, only after that it is necessary to do something: take loss order (leave market) or open position (enter fx market).

After the unprofitable deal, we enter the market according to the new confirmative signals, increase lot, e.g. 0.2. stop loss and take profit is at your discretion (depends on your sixth sense)

You can adjust the system on your way of forex trade, trade on the other current forex pairs and other timeframes etc. then you will have a “sixth sense”, you will feel the real time forex trading system and get the experience of the trade.


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real time forex trading system




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